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It Looks Like Artemi Panarin Will Be Playing Hockey in The Bright Lights Of New York City Next Season

According to multiple reports, it looks like Artemi Panarin will be playing hockey in the bright lights of New York City next season. Obviously nothing is officially yet but from the looks of things it sounds like Panarin will be suiting up as a Ranger next season.


Tweets like this must make Islanders fans blood boil. So close to landing such a perennial super star and they just couldn’t close the deal.

The Rangers are a team with a ton of young, talented prospects, but I don’t see them being competitive any time soon. Good move for the Rangers though. I guess it will keep them from being an absolute nightmare next season and will put some fans in the seats. I think any time you can add a player like Artemi Panarin you do it.

Panarin is coming off a season in which he put up 87 points (28g, 59a) in 79 games for the Columbus Blue Jackets. The 27-year-old has never had a season where he scored less than 70 points. So, while the Rangers might not be the most competitive team in the league next season, they still are adding some serious point production and have a player who will be putting up numbers for years to come.

It actually sounds like Panarin will be leaving money on the table to play for the Rangers. Which is kind of insane to me being that they won’t be competing for a Cup with them for atleast 2-3 years. New York City isn’t THAT great of a place to live. It actually sucks. It is probably 10x better if your pulling in $12 million per year and don’t have to live in a rat infested apartment like myself. Let’s not forget about taxes too, i’m sure Biz will remind us on this week’s Spittin’ Chiclets.

For anyone who follows him on Instagram, you know Panarin can be a bit of a weirdo. I can’t wait to see the weird videos this dude starts posting all around NYC. Want some quality content? Give Panarin some vodka and tell him to go walk around Times Square.

Jacob Trouba, Adam Fox, Jimmy Vesey, Kaapo Kakko and now Artemi fucking Panarin. I think thats good? Have an offseason, New York.