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HUGE News That May Just Make The Celtics NBA Title Favorites

What is so significant about this video? Well, first it looks like the Celtics rookies are best friends and that just warms my heart and has me excited for the injection of positivity into this roster. But the real thing to note here is the laugh of Romeo Langford. If there is one thing we know it’s that if you have an outrageous laugh it equals one thing. A title. You think I’m full of shit? Case and point


There aren’t a lot of actual humans that have a laugh somewhat close to Kawhi’s, but Langford’s is almost as outrageous and I won’t lie it has my brain going in crazy directions. I have so many questions after hearing that laugh. Is Romeo just high as hell

and this is just his laugh while he’s zooted to the moon? Or is this really how this man laughs. To be honest I love both possibilities and would be fine with either. I know there was a lot of skepticism about the Langford pick at 14, but I bet this was the type of inside knowledge that Mike Zarren and Danny Ainge had while they did their draft homework. Sure Langford was a highly recruited player coming out of high school, sure he had his ups and downs at Indiana and may seem like a risk on paper. But they knew he possessed a championship winning laugh. Maybe their interview with him back in May had a joke in there and that’s when they heard it and that’s what ultimately solidified their decision. I mean he didn’t work out for them due to injury so I don’t know how you could rule that out.

I can already see it now. The Celts shock the world and win Banner 18, the city gathers in Government Center (a sneaky Kyrie government dig) and Romeo recreates this scene

It’s so obvious that we’ll look back on this day and realize it was staring at us in the face this whole time. Book it.