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ALIENS UPDATE: We Are Getting Radio Waves From A Distant Galaxy

(Source)–It came from outer space.

For the first time, the origin of a single radio pulse has been pinpointed to a distant galaxy several billion light years away, a new study said.

The cause of the bursts remains unknown but the ability to determine their exact location is a big leap towards solving this mystery, the study said.

The “fast radio burst” – a very short-lived pulse of radio waves that comes from across the universe – has been identified as originating from a Milky-Way-sized galaxy some 3.6 billion light-years away.  

“This is the big breakthrough that the field has been waiting for since astronomers discovered fast radio bursts in 2007,” said study lead author Keith Bannister of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

“If we were to stand on the moon and look down at the Earth with this precision, we would be able to tell not only which city the burst came from, but which postcode and even which city block,” he said.

Fast radio bursts last less than a millisecond, making it difficult to accurately determine where they have come from.

As for what the bursts are, ideas range from a rotating neutron star to, yes, a high-powered signal from an advanced civilization.

If I have interpreted Ancient Aliens, google researh, and science fiction in pop culture correctly and this radio wave was sent from an advanced Civilization to Earth before Earth was even really even fully formed. Radio waves essentially travel at the speed of light so if these radio waves are 3.6 Billion Light Years away that means they’ve been traveling through space for that long and the Earth began to form into a planet 4.5 billion years ago, but didn’t have a crust until 3.5 billion years ago. So yeah, if this came from an advanced alien civilization then they sent it to Earth with before there was anything even here which is crazy because…like I said, radio and light works kind of the same way and I heard a theory one time that absolutely broke my brain. There’s this Quantum Physicist named John Wheeler and he came up with something called the “delayed choice experiment” where it tries to determine if Light is a wave or a particle or both and basically Wheeler says that it’s neither until it’s interpreted by whatever receives it. Which…what…the fuck does that mean. It means that Light/photon from a star emitted 30 million years ago wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere in the first place unless it had a place to be observed. Basically, if it couldn’t enter YOUR eye in 2019 it wouldn’t been emitted in the first place 20 million+ years ago. And you’re probably thinking how the FUCK can that be possible. And the answer is, I don’t know but Wheeler says that is the way it has to be so instead of thinking about that more I just want to blog about the songs from Earth that I would send to Aliens via radio waves in the future to give them a glimpse of what is going on down here.


Classical music is probably the right answer. It’s all patterned and perfect and shit, but nobody listens to that shit anymore so this would be my list in no particular order

“Dark Side Of The Moon”–Pink Floyd

Space themed. BIG time instrumentals and crescendos. Builds and builds and gives you that sense of awe. That’s gotta be the common theme. Like maybe they can’t understand the words, but they can hear it and be like whoa…Earth is doing some shit.

“I Will Always Love You”–Whitney Houston

Let the Aliens hear the best voice to ever walk our home planet. Best foot forward with Whitney

“Landslide”–Fleetwood Mac

Hey Aliens, we are getting older and we are all probably dead as a species now so here is a song that will help you with the feels.

“I Like Big Butts”–Sir Mix A Lot


Let them know what we really valued in our time on this planet

“Party in The U.S.A.”–Miley Cyrus

A song even Aliens should enjoy singing along to when it comes on at a bar or in the car.

That’s it. That’s the list. I want to make a playlist for the aliens so leave your suggestions in the comment section.