Kevin Durant Announcing He Was Going To The Nets As Steph Was On A Plane From China To Meet With Him Is Some Stone Cold Shit

[The Athletic] – Stephen Curry flew straight to the New York area from Shanghai, China. But he wasn’t going to pitch Kevin Durant on why he should stay with the Warriors. It was already too late. He was on the plane when the news broke that Durant was leaving for Brooklyn.

And Curry didn’t turn the jet around or cancel the trip. Because it wasn’t about recruiting. It was about respect. It was about thanks. It was his stamp of approval that sealed Durant’s arrival. His trip to New York was seen as a last-ditch effort to keep Durant.It was his stamp of approval that sealed Durant’s arrival. His trip to New York was seen as a last-ditch effort to keep Durant.

Neither Curry nor Durant responded to requests for comment. But what was probably unsaid, though, was what could have been. This moment illustrated one of the reasons, perhaps a significant one, Durant left — because Curry and Durant never really got to become Curry and Durant. It might have been the only thing that truly could have kept Durant in the Bay.


Now I still think Kevin Durant is a snake for teasing the shit out of the Knicks and then breaking our hearts. But, BUT, I gained a little respect here for him. Breaking the news as Steph was coming to make a last-ditch effort to keep him? That’s stone cold shit, man.

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If Steph really wanted to make sure he could make a last-ditch effort, I would suggest not being in China as free agency starts.

I do think it’s interesting though. In the article, a source says: “He wanted that type of relationship,” said one source friendly with Durant. “It just didn’t work out like that.” That’s in reference to the Steph/Durant relationship that could have been ‘Jordan and Pippen’ but even better.

This always felt like the problem with Golden State – as tough as it is to say there was a problem. I’ve said it before, but Durant was the odd man out. He wasn’t drafted by the Warriors, he wasn’t there like Iguodala and Livingston were for the beginning of the run. So when things went bad it was his fault. When they won it was ‘well, they should. They have Kevin Durant and Steph.’

I need more details about what Durant said to Curry’s face. I mean the news was already out there. It’s not THAT hard to tell someone you’re leaving when they know.