Wake Up With Wendy Peffercorn

Every summer there she is. Oiling and lotioning. Lotioning and oiling.

It’s Sandlot Week here at Barstool Chicago. I’ll probably squeeze in at least 10 showings of this great American Classic between now and the end of the 4th. Some years I like to watch it on the  27 inch Panasonic in my dad’s garage just to get extra nostalgic.

And with that nostalgia comes Wendy Peffercorn, a smokeshow responsible for a first ballot hall of fame amount of boners-per-pre-teenage boys. No one has done more with less screen time. The fact it’s been 25+ years and you’re still getting the feels is everything you need to know.

Would you?

Follow up question: is Ham Porter the greatest childhood athlete movie character ever?

Answer: Yes.