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Can We Pump The Brakes With Solely Blaming The Refs For The Cowboys Win Vs The Lions?

Let’s relax here for a second. Listen, I LOATHE the Dallas Cowboys. Of course I wanted them to lose any way possible. If this situation were reversed I’d be smiling ear to ear like Jerry Jones finally getting him some Glory Hole. However, for as awful as the the refs were, I’m not going to blame the officiating for Dallas advancing to GB. Here’s a moment of civility and clarity from the biggest Cowboys hater in the land.

The refs weren’t responsible for:

Losing a physically and mentally dominating 14-0 point lead. Allowing a 76 yard TD Terrence Williams on a short slant pattern after only giving up about 70 yards through the air at that point. Not stopping a 4th and goal from the 1 in the 3rd quarter. Only scoring 6 points in the 2nd half. CALLING A LONG PASS TO 8TH OPTION BRANDON PETTIGREW ON A 3RD AND ONE IN DALLAS TERRITORY LATE IN THE 4TH QUARTER. FAILING TO GRAB A SAC AND STEP ON THE THROAT BY GOING FOR IT ON 4TH AND 1. Go shank central with a 10 yarder on the most important punt of the season. Giving up a late 4th quarter, 60+ yard game winning TD drive that included a 4th and 6. Fumbling TWICE on the final two minute drive, both while being pressured by only a 4-man rush.

Obviously you never know, but if that PI held it wouldn’t have surprised me if the Cowboys still were victorious. For as much as the Cowboys (and the refs) won, the Lions lost that game.

That being said, Packers by 20. Book it. IF for some reason God hates us all and the Cowboys win, may that same God have mercy on my soul. I’ll be seeing him soon if Dallas makes the Super Bowl. And I’ll gladly numb the pain by rotting in hell first if it’s vs. the Patriots.