U.K. Hockey Player Spears And Then Throws His Helmet At Opponent During A Fight

The good stuff starts around the 5:35 mark in the video.

Chances are you probably missed the Nottingham Panthers v. Edinburgh Capitals game this past Saturday. But here we have Joe Grimaldi of the Capitals making the strongest of cases for purchasing whatever the U.K. equivalent of GameCenter is for the Elite Ice Hockey League. Nottingham won the match 6-1, but Grimaldi wasn’t going to go down without looking like a complete scumbag first. Now the high hit to start everything off was pretty standard scumbaggery. Nothing too out of the ordinary, something you could see from a guy like Steve Downie every time he touches the ice. Then he went for the spear which was for sure a move that separated himself from the scumbag pack. But that’s nothing new to anyone who has ever seen ‘Slapshot’ before. But then the 1-2 combo of the helmet toss and right jab came in and Grimaldi claimed a new territory for himself. He also ended the night with 69 penalty minutes which in no way possible could just be a coincidence.

h/t Puck Daddy