Weezy Wednesdays: Swag Surfin' (No Ceilings)

“Bitch I’m bad, I’m worse, I pass the purp, don’t fuck with me cuz right now I’m higher than Captain Kirk”

“Stunt hard on these bitches I ain’t promised tomorrow, now women kicking’ it with me like Nomar Garciaparra”

“I leave the pussy micro-soft like Windows Vista”

This man is an absolute freak of nature. Everyone is minding their business dropping hit songs making a lot of money having a swell ole time, and then Lil Wayne has to come around, take all their beats, and make a better song then they did with their own god damn beat. Just freakish punchline talent. Some even say too punchline heavy but give me Weezy punchlines all god damn day. I saw this video on twitter yesterday and I had to repost it because it literally gave me chills.


This brought back so many memories. I started freaking out when I saw it like I was physically there in person. Saying No Ceilings is the best mixtape of all time definitely started a ton of discussion and I loved it. I love Da Drought 3, Sorry 4 the Wait, all the Dedications and obviously so many other rappers have made amazing mixtapes but this to me is the best ever (my favorite at least). Lil Wayne’s prime was so special it really can’t be compared to anyone else in the rap game. It was such a unique time of transition in the industry but regardless Weezy was at the top of it and this was a huge part of his reign.

I am 100% going to the Weezy and Blink-182 Tour if he’s gonna be playing No Ceilings. I’ll kill for tickets I don’t care if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll probably die of happiness when I’m there anyway.

Everyone have a great July 4th, god bless and light one to No Ceilings this weekend. *Lighter Flick* **Inhales**