Woj Says Kevin Durant Is Going To Meet With The Nets, Clippers, Warriors, And Knicks When Free Agency Opens

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Get the ticker tape ready at the Canyon of Heroes and show me every Photoshop of KD in orange and blue until my eyeballs bleed because the Knicks didn’t miss out on Kevin Durant yet! I haven’t felt this much excitement since the Knicks made it to the commercial break of the NBA Lottery and we all remember how well that turned out.

The realest in me says we are still fucked while the optimist in me says that we are due. Granted the only reason that optimist exists in me still is because I would just quit being an NBA fan without him. But still, we aren’t dead yet!

I know celebrating for simply being in what appears to be the final four of the Kevin Durant Sweepstakes seems a tad ridiculous. But considering all the rumors we’ve been hearing about the Nets being locked in on Kyrie and KD for a little while now, I’ll take every piece of good news that I can get. Because there is another dimension where that Woj Bomb goes out, the Knicks are no longer on Durant’s list, and all the hyenas on Twitter are dancing on our graves yet again. That may still happen. In fact, recent and not so recent history says it almost definitely will. But it won’t be happening tonight, which may not be an actual win for the Knicks but it sure as shit ain’t a loss.