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This Poor Bastard Trying To Defend Giannis Is The Bravest Person On The Planet

There are two ways to look at this video. One, this dude is brave as hell for manning up and attempting to lock down Giannis, two, he’s the stupidest person alive. I’m going to cut him some slack and say this was extremely brave. To think that Tim from Accounting had an actual thought that he was going to put clamps on a guy that’s responsible for shit like this

requires you to be be a little nuts. You have the best defenders in the NBA that are made to look like children whenever Giannis gets in the paint, and yet this dude thought he stood a chance. I commend his bravery.

In terms of his execution? It went about as well as you would expect. First of all guy, watch film for me one time. Everybody knows Giannis’ go to move is that power spin into the poster. It’s why the Raptors were so effective at slowing him down because they did a great job of building a wall and not letting him execute that spin. Once Giannis gets you on his hip it’s over for you in a very humiliating fashion. I don’t even blame the guy for bowing down to Giannis immediately after the dunk either. What else can you do in that situation? You had to know this was coming, you accept that this is about to find its way to the internet and you just have to admit when you’ve been defeated by a superior human.

This was all part of an event in Greece that Giannis had where he unveiled his first ever signature shoe, which is actually pretty sweet

hopefully Giannis hooked this poor bastard up with a free pair for the humiliation he had to endure, it’s the least the MVP could do.