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It's Officially Chip Kelly's Ship


ESPN – PHILADELPHIA – The Eagles lit a fire Wednesday with the announcement that vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble was gone. They tried to extinguish that fire Friday night. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie announced that coach Chip Kelly will oversee player personnel matters and that Howie Roseman has been promoted from general manager to executive vice president of football operations. Kelly also will hire a new executive to replace Gamble. According to the Eagles’ news release, Roseman will continue “directing contract negotiations, salary cap management and NFL strategic matters, while overseeing the team’s medical staff, equipment staff and more.” Player personnel matters, the very heart of being a general manager, were not included in the list of Roseman’s duties.

Finally, we got answers. Just a few days after Chip’s right hand football man Tom Gamble gets axed and escorted off the property and a full day of people in the Philadelphia area losing their shit thinking Chip Kelly might be leaving, this is the result. Howie gets “Promoted”*, Chip gets full control of personnel and football operations.

We’ll never know what went down, but here’s what I think happened: Howie went over everyone and fired Gamble for unspecified reasons. Chip went to the owner Jeffrey Lurie, claimed he’s angry for reasons of horseshit, and threatened to wiggle out of his contract if he wasn’t allowed to run the team the way he wants. Lurie agreed and made the most amicable resolution possible. But the biggest takeaway is this: The Philadelphia Eagles are now Chip Kelly’s team – Win or lose. There’s nobody to blame if another Marcus Smith is selected in the 1st round or we enter next season with a late term abortion rotting in the secondary. Chip and his balls have the keys. Let’s ride.

PS – I would love nothing more than for Chip Kelly to rehire Tom Gamble as the GM. That FU erection could be seen from space.

*Only could a Jew get essentially demoted into a position of more money. Not even mad, I’m impressed.