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"I Have Received Word That Kawhi Leonard Is Seriously Considering The Los Angeles Lakers" - Stephen A Smith Is Back On His Bullshit Again


If you believe Lakers Twitter and Lakers Reddit that Woj has been paid off by Steve Ballmer to refuse to acknowledge Kawhi to the Lakers as a possibility, you knew it was only a matter of time before Klutch found a way to get that narrative out there. Yesterday we learned that Kawhi was going to take a meeting with the Lakers. today, Stephen A is saying he’s been told that Kawhi is very seriously considering the Lakers and that the Clippers are shaking in their boots. Considering Kawhi doesn’t have a camp, almost NOTHING comes out, who do we think this person is that told Stephen A that piece of info?

Any guesses?

I’d bet my life on it that it was Rich Paul. How could it not be? There’s one other person on the planet that might have an idea of what Kawhi wants to do and that’s his Uncle Dennis. We’re to believe a player who is all about secrecy is going to have his uncle spill the beans to one of the loudest mouths in sports entertainment? I’m not buying that. This has Rich Paul and Klutch written all over it. Remember this is the same man that put Kyrie and Durant to the Knicks at a 95% chance and pretty much a done deal.

The reason Stephen A is the best in the business is how he phrases these statements. It’s always “I’ve heard” or “I’ve been told”, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What’s true is that Stephen A heard that statement and that’s all he’s saying. He’s not guaranteeing Kawhi to LAL, he’s just saying what he heard. It’s genius. I do think it’s pretty interesting that all of the sudden he was told this news right after it came out that Kawhi was going to take a meeting. This close to free agency agents and teams are posturing for position, they are throwing stuff out so that it goes viral and there’s a certain narrative on the internet. A tale as old as time really.

So I don’t blame Lakers fans who heard this comment and now have a raging erection. It’s the same reaction I’m sure Knicks fans had when Stephen A said that shit in May. The thing is when it comes to Kawhi I feel like we can’t take anything we hear or read on the internet at fact. He gives us no indication which way he’s leaning, we have no idea if he’d be down to team up with AD and LeBron and instead continue to win titles on his own. Maybe that shit was too taxing and he wants something different. Maybe he is that rare breed that would rather lose than form a superteam. The point is nobody has any goddamn clue where Kawhi is leaning and we won’t know until the Woj/Shams bomb tells us where he’s actually signing.

Anyone saying otherwise is full of it as far as I’m concerned. We’ve heard leaks about every other big time free agent BUT Kawhi, but now suddenly people know his plan. Doesn’t pass the smell test for me, but we’ll know in a matter of days.