Hockey Tough: Rugby Player Slaps His Dislocated Knee Back Into Place, Immediately Returns To The Game

And that, my friends, is what being #HockeyTough is all about.

It doesn’t matter that your kneecap is on the complete opposite side of your leg than where it’s supposed to be. As long as your leg is still attached to your body and there is time left on the clock, you go out there and you finish that fucking game. You want to cry and just give up because you’ve got a little booboo? Go play soccer. But if you want to be a competitor who will do whatever it takes to help his team get a win? You slap that shit back into place, you pick yourself up, and you get ready for the next play.

Want to know when you never have to play through the pain anymore? When you’re dead. Then you never have to play injured another day in your life. So save that shit for death. While you’re still alive, you play through because that’s what hockey players were born to do. So while Joe Westerman might be a rugby player himself, he’s a hockey guy at heart. What a beast. I bet he would never give up his jersey number and offer somebody a role in his new reboot of a movie just to circumvent the salary cap and try to buy his way to another championship. Joe Westerman likes his chips with dip, but he’s going to do it the old fashion way like the man that he is.