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I Love That Brady is Listening to the Cliff Kellerman's of the World

Brady Kellerman Cliff

I know Feits already posted this. Reposts are not an issue. Move along.

I guarantee you the reaction to this from coast to coast will be some variation on “Why would Tom Brady care what the critics say after everything he’s accomplished? Grow up. Get over it.”

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Opposite. This is exactly what I want him to be doing. Of all the Tom Bradys there are, my favorite is Salty Brady. Big shakers of Himalayan Pink Salty Brady.

This is the kind of thing that has marked his ascent from good high school athlete in the suburbs of the Bay Area to legend. The jet fuel that has catapulted him from a catching prospect drafted by the Expos to the GOAT. This Negativity/Positivity dynamic is the Matter/Anti-matter Reactor in his warp drive that has helped him boldly go where no man has gone before.

From the time he was behind Lloyd “Gargamel” Carr’s kid on the Michigan depth chart to having to fight for playing time with Drew Henson to being drafted behind Giovanni Carmazzi, who’s now herding goats for a living (and won’t do interviews, so he’s literally The Lonely Goatherd), he has refined the negativity and turned it into his own form of internal combustion.

And Brady’s critics and flat out haters are so pig ignorant that they keep harping on him to try to undermine all he’s accomplished, and in doing so just give him more incentive to perpetuate the dominance. It’s something you rarely ever see done to the great athletes. They didn’t do it to Gretzky or Jordan, Jeter or Montana. But they do it to this one. And he hears every word and dedicates part of every day to make them eat it.

So thank you, Cliff Kellerman. Chris Simms. Everyone who can’t shut up when it comes to doubting this man. Here’s looking forward to the third anniversary of this, just a month away.