(VIDEO) Shark Tries To Eat Dog On Beach, Gets Ass Kicked By A Bunch Of Other Dogs

Sharks are so lame. Everyone’s terrified of sharks. I went shark hunting Sunday night and my Shark hunting guide was like “imma bout to reveal the most dangerous animal in all of South Carolina.”

*removes hand from burlap sack*


”white tail deer are responsible for almost 200 traffic deaths each year” he goes on to tell us. The absolute worst shark hunter I’ve ever met. 10 minutes later we’re still talking White Tail migration patterns. Some fucking rip off if you ask me. If sharks were so bad ass we wouldn’t be circling a sandbar right now drinking Chardonnay out of solo cups longing for the day when Discovery Channel ran 8 Shark Weeks a year but I digress.

Point is dogs are awesome and here’s reason number 25 billion. You come at one you come at all. Get those good boys some beef.

*NOTE*: The Shark declined to comment on this story.