Jake Gyllenhaal Will Fight Anyone Who Goes Against His "Sean Paul Is Good" Take, As He Should

I was already a big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal’s in the first place, but this just shot him up a few more spots for sure. If you don’t like Sean Paul you can kindly get off of my planet. But for some reason when A list celebs reveal things like this I get shocked every time. Like oh wow, mega stars listen to music like we do? I just assume they live in their own bubble, make awesome movies, bathe in their millions, and have lots of sex. To find out Gyllenhaal is a massive Sean Paul guy made me smile. Look how happy this guy got when the music came on.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11.00.58 AM

When a Sean Paul song comes on wherever you are, things change for the better. In the car? My drive becomes infinitely better. Oh you just cut me off? Who cares, Sean Paul is playing and it’s a jam. Sean Paul comes on at a party or the bar? All of a sudden I’ve remembered how to dance, or at least I’ve gained the confidence to try. There’s no better surprise than listening to a song and having SP pop up randomly in a collab or a remix. The man is a wizard.

Also, how about Tom Holland being completely flabbergasted at how quickly they put on music. Buddy, have you ever listened to radio? Do you know how this works? I have to admit took me a good 20 seconds to realize that was Tom Holland and not some random dude. I was so focussed on Gyllenhaal jamming out that I missed Spiderman.

P.S. I will never spell Gyllenhaal wrong. It’s programmed in my brain. I struggle with words like apparantly (actually spelled apparently) but I’ve got his name nailed down.