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Can I Interest You In A 16-Bit Recreation Of The Final Battle From Avengers: Endgame?

So in case getting goosebumps every single time I watch a scene from a fictional movie wasn’t ridiculous enough, you can now add getting goosebumps every time I watch the 16-bit recreation of that scene to the totally normal list of things that give me goosebumps. Namely these parts:





And when Cap holds Mjolnir for the first time. And when Black Panther comes out of the first portal so you realize what the hell is going on. And when Cap says Avengers Assemble as the sound of Mjolnir slamming into his hand rings through the dark. And that fucking perfect music bringing everything to a crescendo even in 16-bit form.

God I cannot believe how much that movie and that scene stuck the landing more than a decade in the making. Just like I can’t believe there are people with the creative ability to pull off a nostalgic and nerdgasmic gem like this. I couldn’t even fathom making something like this even before I realized how in-depth all of this shit was while watching the Inside The Director’s part of the video. People being able to recreate a football play with a copy of Tecmo Bowl and some Videoshop is one thing (I’m guessing the video version of Photoshop is Videoshop). But recreating what is the greatest comic movie scene ever is quite another. Shit, I didn’t even know this video came out a full week ago with a cool 2.5 million views and I will click on anything Endgame related. The mere mention of the digital copy of Endgame being released in a month caused me to pull up my Chinese bootleg of Endgame and rewatch these scenes and blood to rushed to all the good parts of my body because I cannot wait to rewatch that movie in full HD and without Chinese subtitles on the bottom that make me feel like I can read Chinese like the Wonton Don. Oh yeah and the gifs/memes are going to be so much clearer and better. Can’t wait for that.

But while we wait, lets treat ourselves to another viewing of THAT scene since it’s a Wednesday night and we’ve earned it.