Do I Need To Thank The Randomly Assorted Pixels On My Shirt For Allowing Me To Escape The Barstool Dunkin' Donuts Awards Unscathed? - PICK UP THE STICKS WE ARE LIVE NOW

WOW. Who would’ve thought a arbitrarily selected shirt from my wardrobe featuring random pixels (some more prominent than others) would allow me to come out of the Barstool Dunkin’ Donuts Awards scot-free? Thank you, Mr. Incidental Fabric for keeping me away from the wrath of David Portnoy.

Oh, and pick up the sticks and learn something from the greats. It’s battle time. Also, this is your friendly yearly reminder that ALL Twitch streams are live and are the ONLY medium on Barstool where you can have instant interaction with the content. Every session is essentially an AMA. If you have a question or comment about Barstool, CBS, how anxious the office was today, the physics of my face, anything – Shoot it out in the chat. Help you, help us. Tune in and squad up for glory.