Devils Mascot Gets Into My Stash, Recreates Scene From BATMAN On Its 30th Anniversary

OK. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

An NHL mascot and a franchise legend recreating one of the more bizarre scenes from Tim Burton’s monster hit 30 years after it debuted is definitely not something I would’ve won money betting on. But I respect the hell out of it. Making an homage video to a 30-year-old movie, regardless of its cultural impact, is a risky move in 2019 when the typical viewers probably think BATMAN (1989) was a black-and-white flick for Baby Boomers because it happened before they were born.

Yet the NJ Devil, team legend Ken Daneyko, and a pair of underlings pulled it off with aplomb, hilariously aping Jack Nicholson’s Joker and his hired goons as they vandalized an art gallery while blaring Prince on a boombox. If this means more team mascots and legends teaming up to recreate cheesy scenes from classic ’80s flicks, I’m so goddamn here for it.

Here’s the actual scene from perhaps the most-hyped movie in Hollywood history:

Get the funk up!