Enes Kanter Calls Zion Williamson "Julius Randle With Hops", Julius Randle Immediately Buries Enes Kanter

Now this is why Twitter rules. Enes Kanter is known for saying crazy shit at times, but I don’t know how he comes back from that. Is he the first person to ever compare Zion with Julius Randle? Probably not, but to say he’s overhyped is pretty silly. There may not be a player since LeBron that has been more accurately hyped than Zion. From his play on the court to who he appears to be as a person, it’s been better than advertised. Sure we have no idea how he’ll translate once he plays an actual NBA game, but nothing we’ve seen tells us that he isn’t worth the hype he’s been getting since he was like 14 years old.

Also, what’s with the riccochte shot at Randle? Does Kanter think he sucks or something because that is very much not the case. A 20/9 player with good efficiency, there are way worse players in this league than Julius Randle. In fact I’m sure Portland would LOVE to have a player like Randle on their roster. It’s always a weak look to talk shit on someone when that same exact player gave you the business to the tune of a career high 45 points too. In fact, I’d argue you can’t find anything that Kanter does better than Randle on the basketball court.

Did I wake up thinking I needed a Julius Randle vs Enes Kanter Twitter beef? Nope, but I’m sure glad we have it and it’s why the NBA is the best soap opera going. Now Kanter did respond, and in my opinion it was pretty lame

Oh cool the Blazers beat the Pelicans at a time of the year when AD wasn’t playing and they were tanking. This was a dig at Randle’s talent level not on how good his Pelicans team was so this response is a little confusing. Kanter did have 17/8 in that game so he wasn’t horrible, but if we’re judging this clap back I’m sorry to say the judges have to side with Randle.