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The Wind Is Complete Bullshit At Wrigley Field

I have seen that the wind at this for three straight days. Vegas has been hearing it too and they are putting the line o/u at 11.5 or 12. What kind of shit is that the under hit 3 days in a row too.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 3.48.44 PM

Unders are hitting like crazy and you have to start thinking are they just feeding us this information and it’s bullshit? I think these weather people are fucking with me. This brings me back to a curb episode where the weather man was giving out rain just so he can golf. I think were in the same situation here where Vegas is making us take the over and were all getting screwed here. All I want is to not hear about the wind anymore because its losing money.

We all have to stick together this summer and if the fucking weatherman is not on our side. Stay together during this hard time and fuck the weather.