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Once Again, The Baseball Gods Smite The White Sox

Last night was a brutal night.  Non-contact injuries almost ALWAYS end up being worst case scenario.  Tim Anderson is the emotional leader on this team and in this clubhouse.  Losing him doesn’t just hurt the White Sox chances at winning baseball games.  It hurts off the field as well.

But per Daryl Van Shouwen of the Sun Times, we actually got lucky…. so far:

That bit of steam the White Sox had picked up two weeks ago when they beat the Yankees at Guaranteed Rate Field to rech the .500 mark has left the building. Since then the Sox are 2-7 and with a high right ankle sprain that will send Tim Anderson to the injured list, the Sox are just trying get to the All-Star break in 12 days without getting buried.

Now I was at the game last night and just got back to Chicago now.  This is legit the first time I saw the replay.  But my heart legit dropped to the pit of my stomach when I saw him getting carried off the field.  I figured ACL, achilles, or some other injury that would keep Anderson out long term.  Now so far he’s only had an x-ray which came up clean.  Apparently he’s in the middle of an MRI as we speak, and MRIs are the ones that detect tears.

Right now, if you’re a White Sox fan you are obligated to pray to God, Buddha, L Ron, or whatever deity you so choose that Anderson is okay and this is just an ankle sprain.  This sucks

And as I write this… Moncada goes down after a HBP in the back knee

Now I’m sure this hurt like hell.  But… I’m of the (extremely unpopular opinion, apparently) that Moncada’s pain tolerance just stinks.  Whenever he makes contact with anyone in the field or gets hit by a pitch he acts like he got smoked by a .50 cal.  It’s annoying as fuck to me.  Call me a meatball but that’s my opinion and I abide by it.  That said…. he’ll be fine in back in a day or two so whatever.

But this is still bullshit.  The White Sox did *something* to piss off the baseball gods.  Anderson, Burger, Burr, Kopech, Dunning, Eloy earlier this year, Rodon, and so on and so forth.  Just injuries up and down the organization.  It sucks and slows down development.