I Met One Of My Heroes Today, Abella Danger

We have quite the list of celebrities who stroll through the offices of Barstool Sports each and every day. At the old office you could see who was here at all times because it was so small. Now we’re gigantic and you just have no idea at all. For example, I had no clue Julian Edelman was here all day until I saw it on social. Not many people will get me out of my seat to go meet, excluding New York Yankees, but Abella Danger is right at the top of the list.

She’s probably 1a or 1b with Layla London in terms of my favorite “actresses.” She’s stunning in every meaning of the word. Even more stunning in person. Nicest person in the world too. Even followed me on Instagram right after our pic too (humble brag she only follows like 650 people). Put me in her story. Today was just too much. What a world. What a country. In the span of a month I’ve become friends with Luke Voit and Abella Danger. Death could hit me at any moment and I’d be okay with it.

She also did some ASMR with Marty and Tommy which will probably be the hottest/weirdest video that’s ever come out of this company.

Anyways, thank god I wore a hat. If you don’t know Abella Danger (fuck face Carrabis was clueless) then figure your life out.

Extremely NSFW one of my personal favs, do not open this at work if you like having a job

P.S. Tip of the cap to whoever commented Porn_hubbs on my Insta. That’s just good interneting.