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Arod Cleared To Rehab

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NEW YORK — Alex Rodriguez has been cleared by the New York Yankees to begin a rehab assignment, the team announced Monday. Rodriguez is slated to start and play at least three innings at third base for Single-A Charleston, S.C., on Tuesday night.

Here come the reinforcements! This is the beginning of the make or break month for the 2013 Yankees and this is the perfect way to kick things off. I don’t care what we are paying him, I don’t care what clinic he did or did not visit, and I don’t care how many tranny body builders he fucked, we need Arod back in the lineup ASAP. Right behind him will be Jeter. Then if all goes right we make a move or two at the All Star break to spend the Teixeira insurance money and we have an actual major league team on the field.

I know the Arod haters are going to have their usual response of “No real fan would want him on this team” but luckily they don’t let you retards run the team. The Yankee’s third basemen have combined to hit .231 with four homers and a .608 OPS in 81 games. There is no fucking way after all this time off rehabbing Arod is not an improvement on that. I know his contract sucks, but we aren’t getting out of it, and there’s no better alternative, so lets get something back on it.

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