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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

TexasAn elementary school teacher has been accused of having sexual contact with two teenage student. Cameron Crist-Mitchell was arrested after an investigation was launched into her relationship with the two 17-year-old boy, which was caught on camera. The 27-year-old resigned from her job at Alvarado Elementary School in Alvarado, Texas, after being arrested.On Thursday, an officer collected photographs of the reported encounter from a cellphone and two victims confirmed they had been involved with Mitchell. It is not clear whether there were multiple encounters. Sharon Nycole Davis wrote on the Times-Review Facebook page: ‘She was my son’s teacher in Alvarado for the first half of this school year. Thankfully we had him pulled from this district after Christmas break this year and put him in Cleburne. I was shocked when I heard about this.’ The teacher formerly worked at the town’s high school where she met the teen. She had only been at her current school a year. Authorities said the teens are still at the high school but have not detailed the extent of the sexual contact.

Good for Sharon Nycole Davis.  We’re all fabulously impressed with the fantastic job you’re doing, saving your little snowflake from having to learn his multiplication tables from a hot piece of deranged ass like Miss Crist-Mitchell here.  I mean, imagine the horror.  Oh, wait.  That’s right, you live in Texas.  The place that’s battling it out with Florida for Sex Scandal Teacher State supremacy.  Those two states are to the SST game what Duke and UNC are to the ACC, and Texas might even be top dog now, thanks to horndogs like my girl Cameron here.  So good luck finding a place to send your darling angel where the teachers aren’t getting Eiffel Towered by two 17 year olds on  a regular basis.  What do you think?  They’re running a nunnery over there in Cleburne?  The only way your boy isn’t being taught by some sex-crazed lunatic who’s getting a train pulled on her by the high school football team is if you’re home schooling.  Because I’m sure any self-serious 3-named shrew like you isn’t 1/1000th as cool and as fun as Miss Crist-Mitchell.

The Grades:
I’ll admit she could stand to lighten up in the mugshot here.  And that Hamburglar costume isn’t doing her any favors.  But I love her look.  Brunette.  DSLs for days.  Probably a nice body.  And she comes under the Jerry Principle which states “there’s not a woman alive who doesn’t look better with glasses than without.  Me likey. Grade: A-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Ordinarily a 3-way with pictures would be enough.  But I can’t shake the feeling there’s something missing.  I have so many questions here.  Like was it one kid taking pics of her with the other?  Or was it POV shots while they were London Bridging her?  And why not go with video? It might be unfair but I’ve got just enough sense I need more that I’m marking her down a little to a Grade: B-
“Crist-Mitchell hyphenates and makes me hyperventilate”? Nah.  That’s too Rick Reilly.  Grade: C+
B.  A solid grade based solely on looks.  But I this chick is one to keep an eye on because I think there’s more to this.
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