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Dude Buys New 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Totals It Within An Hour


YahooThe 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the muscle car to end all muscle cars with its incredible 707 horses of barely contained power. Deliveries of the Challenger Hellcat have only just begun, but already one has met an untimely demise. It shouldn’t be that surprising that some of these proud new Hellcat owners were a little overconfident behind the wheel. We all like to think of ourselves as decent drivers, but the 707 horsepower that Dodge gave this car is nothing to mess with. One unlucky guy found that out within just an hour of driving away in his shiny new Hellcat. This particular lime green Hellcat met the end of its life on the roads of Colorado. tells us that the car skidded off the road at a bend and smacked head-on into a tree. Looks like the tree won.

I feel like we’re always so quick to jump on CrossFit people and label them the worst humans on planet Earth. All of that is well and good because they deserve all of that hatred. But coming in at a clooooose number 2 in my books are car junkies. If you ever find yourself with more than one of them in the same room at the same time you’ll be wishing you were in the garage with the door closes and the cars running. They’re insufferable. They never shut the fuck up about carburetors and whatever the hell else goes in the engine. Now I’ll be honest. I’m a giant pussy when it comes to cars. I know absolutely nothing besides which icon means that my tire pressure is low. I’ll rattle off every lyric of “Jealous” by Nick Jonas, but the moment you mention “piston valves” I’m out of my wheelhouse. So yeah, a part of me cheered when I saw this asshole ruined his car within an hour of pulling off the lot (by the way, the re-sale value of the car was already shot the second it pulled off the lot so whatevs). Does that mean I’ll probably have to stay off the road for the next few days because I know that karma is gonna cause me to get in an accident? Maybe. But if you’re gonna be an asshole and get a car like this that nobody in the world ever needs and you can’t handle it’s power, then yeah you 100% deserve to total it right away and look like a clown. And on top of that, anyone who drives a lime green car deserves to get the mumps.