Rangers Decide To Keep Brad Richards For Another Year

Good. It’s tough to justify throwing a ton of cash at a player everyone believed to be the top FA just 2 years ago, then bailing on him after a lockout-shortened season under a fired coach. A coach who was blamed for stifling the roster’s offensive skill. It was all Torts’ fault, right? Brad Richards is a guy who’s basically averaged a point per game his entire career – even on some real shitty teams. If Vigneault brings the offensive mindset he had in Vancouver, Richards should go back to his poor-man’s-Sedin-like ways for the Blueshirts. Sure, the contract sucks, but if they’re truly in “win-now” mode with Hank in his prime, they’ll need his production. I don’t see how Brad doesn’t come into next season with a chip on his shoulder to validate his monster pay day.

Or he’s Scott Gomez II & just gets bought out next year. No big deal.