7 Teens Blindfolded, Led Into The Woods, Beaten, Burned And Pissed On As Hazing To Join The Football Dance Team

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Listen you’ve all heard me blog about hazing in the past. I just cannot envision any scenario where I let other dudes do weirdly violent and strangely sexual shit to me just so I can be a part of their club. And that applies when we’re talking about a football team or a big time frat or something thats actually worthwhile. If you let another man piss on you and burn you so you can join a halftime dance team, you are the biggest fucking asshole on the planet. Getting whipped and burned so you can basically be a cheerleader. You know what? All these assholes deserve each other. You wanna join the “Naked Bikes?” Go ahead. You guys can all piss on each other and dance around for the football team together. Dickheads.