Wake Up With Prince Fielder Hitting A Missile Into The Upper Deck

I'll admit it, I miss Prince Fielder a lot. He was one of the most universally loved player in some time. Did anyone hate Prince? I mean how could you even hate him if you wanted to? He's a large man who absolutely punishes baseballs. SO much fun to watch hit, and play baseball in general. He wasnt bad at all with the leather, and could actually move for a guy his size. Look at him absolutely turn on this pitch from Dallas Keuchel and send the ball wayyyyyy into the upper deck. I know the video says it was 502 feet, it wasn't. Nomar Mazara hit a 505 foot homer in Texas last week and it probably went 75 feet higher than this one, so lets just put this one at 440. Still an insanely impressive homer by Prince. Still blows my mind that he and his dad ended their careers with the exact same # of home runs in their careers, and it's a damn shame his career was cut short by injuries. One of the most powerful and dominating lefty hitters of the last 20 years, an all around awesome player.