Dude Inspired By Breaking Bad Tries To Dissolve A Body With Acid In A Bathtub

NINE MILE FALLS, Wash. – The man who found a woman’s body soaking in a plastic tub of acid spoke exclusively with KREM 2 News about his roommate, accused murderer Jason Hart. Dean Settle was staying at the home of Jason Hart, 27, at the time Hart allegedly murdered Regan Jolley, 33.  Police arrested Hart June 4th after Settle discovered Jolley’s nude body in a tub of acid in a nearby garage. “I went in the garage and there was a puddle of water on the floor,” Settle recalled. “I went that direction, a direction, I normally wouldn’t go in. That’s when I found Regan.” Police accused Hart of strangling Jolley and trying to dispose of her body in acid.  Investigators later found an episode of the television show “Breaking Bad” in Hart’s DVD player.  The episode features an eerily similar murder plot. “The only thing I know or feel about it — that was his favorite series,” said Settle. “That’s what he told me.  I think he used it as instructions to go do what he was doing to dispose the body.” Hart pleaded not guilty to second degree murder.  His trial date was set for mid August.

I think this is the number 1 thing that every Breaking Bad fan 100% believes is true, right? Out of all the “Yeah, Science!” moments from Walt and Jesse and company, I’m pretty sure every diehard fan is absolutely convinced you can melt bodies with a plastic barrel and some hydrofluoric acid. That, and we’re all Ricin experts. Its odorless and tasteless and takes 3 to 5 days to take effect. I’ll kill you with Ricin right now. Never in the history of TV has a show with so many far fetched plots been taken as 100% fact. Giant magnets and exploding compounds and melting bodies and fumigated houses as roaming meth labs and every time I’m just like “Yup, Vince Gilligan is a genius. He should go be a real drug dealer after this show is over!”

In reality what happens is you end up with a body soaked in acid just sitting in your garage for your roommate to find.