It's Hilarious Watching Sports Fans Bend Over Backwards Trying to Pretend They Don't Care About the College World Series Just Because Michigan Is In It


Honestly I get it. The world hates Michigan. That’s what happens when you are the winningest college sports program in the country.  When your football team has more wins than anybody else.  When you are the school of Presidents, Hall of Fame QB’s and world rekownn bloggers. Gerald Ford, Tom Brady, Dave Portnoy. I understand it. I relish in it. But even I am taken aback at this song and dance opposing fans are doing now. Suddenly the College World Series doesn’t matter anymore. Why? Because Michigan is in it. That’s why. Who cares that it’s our national pastime. Who cares that Omaha Nebraska has a special place in American folklore. Nope Michigan is in it so people pretend they don’t care. It’s LOL (laugh out loud) funny. The haters can fake it all they want but everybody knows when it comes to college sports baseball is the 2nd most prestigious title. Here is my official list.

1. Football.
2. Baseball
3. Basketball
4. Hockey
5. Lax
6. Soccer

Maybe you can argue basketball vs. hockey but the #1 and #2 are clear. And tonight Michigan in one of the greatest underdog stories of our generation will go after one of the most prestigious titles known to man.  I don’t care if you like us or hate us. You better respect us. #GoBlue

I can almost taste the pizza in the Sox dugout as I type this.