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Voracek Gives Little Bud A Signed Jersey, Mason Hurt At Practice, Giroux Is Weird


This little dude has been everywhere the past couple of days for being the cutest Flyers fan there ever was. If you haven’t seen the Vine yet, here you go.

Awesome. This is literally the only thing that’s allowing me to hold on to some sense of hope with this year’s Flyers team. The players are a mess, Berube might be the dumbest person in all of hockey, Hextall’s only been here for a few months but I’m gonna be irrationally angry at him anyway. I hate everything about this team (who just lost in yet again another shootout last night), but you wanna know something? Bud, err I mean Voracek, is an inspiration. Nobody should aspire to be anything like this 2014-15 Philadelphia Flyers team. But for some reason, Bud does. And for some reason, that’s comforting to me. So at last night at the Flyers v. Panthers game, Voracek’s girlfriend gave little Bud over here an autographed jersey from Pork Chops himself signed “I’m Voracek”.

I’m sure my man was pumped. And now more news from Flyer land.

Excuse me while I go purchase a gun so I can blow my fucking brains out. The Flyers are about to head out on an 8-game road trip with Christmas mixed in the middle. As it stands right now, it looks like Razor Ray Emery will be a very busy man and Flyers fans everywhere will need to drink every ounce of eggnog in sight to deal with watching the goalie tandem of Ray Emery and Rob Zepp. Jesus.

And also, Claude Giroux continues to be the weirdest dude in the league. Tuesday night it looked like he picked his nose and wiped his booger on a ref. Over the summer he got in a little legal trouble for squeezing some cop ass. And last night he did this.

^Might have to click for gif to play

When the league is currently passing around mumps like its herpes at your local fuck shack, maybe putting your mouth on another player isn’t the smartest decision in the world. Can’t honestly say I get what’s going on here, but I don’t hate it by any means. He’s just really weird. “Bud Voracek” is just really cool. Mason may or may not be really hurt. And the Flyers just really suck. Happy Friday to all.