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Steph Curry Has A New Line Of Golf Apparel That Will Look Terrific If You're Terrible At Golf

Golf: the dressiest sport of all the sports. You must wear a collared shirt. You should wear pants. Tuck that shirt into those pants and keep it tucked or go play a 6-hour round at the muni course; this isn’t karaoke. Your shoes should function as dress shoes at church. Follow the code, respect the game.

Steph’s got a new line coming out from Under Armour. Does he respect the game? Sort of. Some might say that the insignia on his hat looks eerily similar to the white power troll gesture, as described by the American Defense League. Others know this as the “ok” hand gesture, while I believe that Steph is drawing from the “3-pointer” gesture he often makes after draining a bucket worth so many points. It’s up for interpretation.

As for the shirt, it appears Steph is sourcing his designs from screen savers. It should look great if you’re hunting for your ball in the tropics. But if you’re playing parkland courses in the fall, keep it in the locker. It’s too much.

Thank God for that swing though…

How Steph Curry can look the same swinging a driver as he does shooting a free throw, I’ll never know. Effortless, even when his shirt is working extremely hard.

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