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Barney Frank Says We Should Just Legalize Heroin

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NEWSER) – As a not-so-shy congressman, Barney Frank pushed for marijuana to be legal (and copped to eating a pot brownie). Now that he’s retired, he’s going further: He tells the Huffington Post that he thinks cocaine and even heroin ought to be legal, too. The only drugs that need restrictions, he argues, are those that might make a person act dangerously toward others, like PCP. “The question is are there drugs that have a very good likelihood of making me misbehave towards others? I do not believe heroin is in that category.” (He says he’s never tried it.) Frank laughs off the dangers about cocaine: “Let’s just cut through the bulls—. There are a lot of very high-functioning people in this society on cocaine,” he says. “Cocaine is the rich people’s drug.” All of which begs the question, does Frank indulge in any drugs himself? Nope, he swears. “Never been tempted.” His behavior-modification of choice is the occasional glass of wine. Click for some of Frank’s best-of video gems.

Barney Frank! You gay, heroin supporting dog, you! Lets tie off and shoot some white horse! I can’t imagine that has any side effects that we should worry about too much. As long as we ain’t hallucinating, its all good. Thats the Barney Frank motto.

I’m not sure I can rationally say heroin should be legal. Seems like a drug that pretty much ruins lives instantly. I guess you can make the argument that it should be up to the person using it to worry about that, but I’m pretty sure heroin being available at your local corner store is probably not a good idea. Coke is a whole nother story. I’m pretty sure the shit you get at Starbucks and the shit kids with ADD take are basically cocaine. You should be able to buy that shit in Pixie Stick form if you want.

PS – Feitelberg, take a long hard look at Barney Frank’s tits. That’s where you’re headed bro