Don't You Hate When You're In The Club And Mix Up Your Girlfriend With Her Identical Twin?

Ready for a completely relatable story?

SOURCE-Identical twins Shanae and Renae Nel do everything together and have been living identical lives since last year.

They have the same hair, the same make-up, wear matching outfits and they’re even on the same colleague course.

The 19-year-olds, who live in Southampton, love pranking their pals by swapping their outfits to confuse them, but once their jokes backfired when Renae’s boyfriend mixed them up – and things got very, very awkward.

Talk about a classic Friday night. In the club. Mixing up your girlfriend with her identical twin. Classsssiiicccc.

“In a past relationship, my boyfriend went behind Shanae and touched her in the club as he didn’t realise it wasn’t me, he was mortified when she turned around.”

I don’t know who this fella is, but I’ve got to say that it would be easy to mix these two up:

SOURCE-Identical twin sisters have revealed how they are leading exactly the same life after choosing the same hair colour, make-up, dress sense and dating life.

Twins Shanae and Renae Nel, both 19, from Southampton, Hampshire, even study the same English language college course and love using their identical image to play pranks on their peers.

Twins fascinate me. You may be thinking to yourself, “well, of course, these two fascinate you, you lil horny fuck,” but no, I’m talking on a social level. How do you do everything together? How do you not start to just hate each other?

The women always have boyfriends at the same time, but they insist they don’t plan it and it’s always just a coincidence.

Not a coincidence. At all. That’s just not a coincidence.

Now Shanae and Renae both wear long blonde hair extensions and now wear exactly the same clothes every single day after choosing to lead identical lives last year.

Uhhhhh, what? How do you decide on that? You just sit down one day and decide, “we are going to do everything together?” This is why twins fascinate me. Psycho behavior.

They also share an Instagram account:

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 11.48.12 AM

This fascinates me as well. How do you deal with the DMs in this situation?!? I see this often on Instagram, including these two twin InstaFit girls:

Just a wild, wild life living as twins. I think they have different brains if we are being completely honest.