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Fifty Year Old J Lo Shakes Her Ass Better Than Anyone On The Planet

So this clip went viral over the weekend and it blew my mind. Jennifer Lopez is almost fifty years old. Watch the clip again and let that sink in. It’s like time doesn’t affect her. I’m not saying I expected her to slow down, but I definitely wasn’t expecting her to speed up. That whole video looked like it was being played in fast forward. She’s on her massive “It’s My Party Tour” right now too. Which means there’s almost zero time to recover between shows. You can see her crack the whip on her dancers in the Instagram I posted below. “When they are in rehearsal, they are not doing enough!”

I love it. Her entire Instagram reminds me of why I used to use her to pretend to be straight. I’d tell everyone how gorgeous she was because it’s undeniable. Her birthday is still a month away, but I wanted to blog this before the video disappeared. I’ve been in a J Lo rabbit hole for a few days now so I needed this to get it out of my system. So happy early birthday to the GOAT. If I’m half the woman you are when I turn fifty, I’ll be in good shape.