The Only Regret Steph Curry Has In His Career Is ... Passing To Klay Thompson??

[Source] – “The only regret I do have is the behind-the-back pass I threw in 2016 in Game 7,” he said, referring to a crucial turnover with just about five minutes left in the game, which the Warriors lost. “That’s literally the only regret I have in terms of how I’ve played, and that comes with wins and losses, right? I’m cool.”

Oh, this is the one regret that Steph has in his career?

I can’t imagine why this play is sticking out? It only has this gif attached to it


Personally, I’d like to think his one regret was getting drafted by the Warriors when his family said not to take him. He wanted to be a Knick and frankly it’s rude that the Warriors didn’t respect that.

Also kind of shocking he didn’t bring up the fact that he regrets not scoring on Kevin Love during this game too.

What a ridiculous career if THAT’S your only regret. Probably would be different if the Knicks drafted him now that I think about it.