RJ Barrett's Reaction To Being Inside MSG For The First Time As A Knick Has It A Lock That He'll Be A Star

I’ve never been so sure of a player in a Knicks jersey since Mitchell Robinson was drafted from ‘The USA’ last year. RJ Barrett just gets it, man. Look at that face when he hears his name being called. Look at the reaction. The dude understands he’s in the Mecca.

The head nod, the smile. It’s all pure. Nothing as pure as his comments after the Draft though:

The ‘Yo I’m a Knick’ gets me every time. Same with him talking about how his late grandfather was a diehard Knick fan and always dreamt of RJ playing for him. There’s no way he can fail now. Well, as long as James Dolan stays out of the way.

I know people were down on RJ, but I was never sure why. The only thing I can think of was the fact he was the consensus No. 1 guy for years and then Zion became Zion in that first game against Kentucky. It’s not like RJ got worse. Zion just got that much better. He’s still a playmaker from the wing. He’s versatile. There are questions about his shooting, but I trust Fizdale with young guards/wings. He has a track record of making things work.

And now that I see his reaction to the Garden? A STAR.