Dude Pays For His Rent By Allowing His Roommate To Take Naked Pictures Of Him, Roommate Puts Naked Pictures All Over His Grandmother's Car When The Guy Moves Out

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TAVARES — A man whose naked photos were left on his co-workers’ cars, taped to his grandmother’s car and even sent to his girlfriend says his ex-roommate did it. Now, the ex-roommate, Samuel Otero, faces stalking charges. According to Lake County deputies, the victim said he let Otero, 37, take nude photos and videos of him as payment for his room and board during the year they lived together. The victim, who moved out last August, told investigators Otero had been texting him ever since. Deputies said Otero threatened to shoot the victim and himself on Monday if they couldn’t be together. Otero was arrested Tuesday and later released from the Lake County Jail on $5,500 bond.

You can put my naked pictures all over my coworkers cars and frame them and hang them all over my grandmother’s fucking house if you want – if I get to live rent free you can do whatever you want. Seriously if my landlord told me 5 naked pictures of me a month would cover my rent, well then break out the fucking cameras. Consider me the next Marilyn Monroe. I’ll be like George taking pictures for the chick at the photo store. No matter how badly that backfires it will be worth it.

Plus, lets be honest – if you’re a 37 year old guy moving in with a dude roommate, I’m pretty sure you’re at least very close to rock bottom. I’d be willing to bet the victim has a lot more to worry about than his grandma seeing his pecker in some Polaroids. Bottom line is this dude still made out like a bandit.