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Giant Bitch James Neal Is The First Player In The NHL To Get Fined For Diving

The NHL has fined James Neal $2,000 after he was maliciously slashed and almost killed by the Sharks’ Barclay Goodrow in their tilt Saturday night. Honestly, Goodrow deserves to be locked up behind bars and I’d like to personally swallow the key. You just can’t have that type of wild behavior in today’s NHL. There’s no place for that type of violence in sports. But I couldn’t be happier that notable jackass James Neal has been the first player in the NHL’s history to get fined for being a giant bitch. Neal’s game hasn’t been quite as dirty as it has been in recent years past, but let us take a quick trip down memory lane to remind ourselves what a jabroni this guy really is.

I still don’t really know what the real definition of a “fuckboy” is, but if I had to take a crack at it, I’d say James Neal is a fuckboy. Plain and simple. And sure, the $2,000 fine is chump change to the man who’s making $5 million this season, but it’s still nice to know a little more shame has been brought to his name. Moral of the story is fuck James Neal for 1) once being a Penguin, and 2) being a 27-year-old who plays the game with zero honor. I guess it would be one thing for a young kid in the league to act this way, but for someone whose been around for so long to still be pulling these kinds of stunts is pretty aggravating. And also, #NeverForget that time the Pens were dumb enough to throw an #AskNeal hashtag around Twitter. The responses were great.