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Let The #1 Party Mix In The United States Take You Into The 1st Official Weekend Of Summer Blackouts...

Press Plaaaaaaaay

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There are many MANY things I miss about being on the Barstool Blackout Tour. The smell of the mascot costumes and my own shoes certainly ranks least, and over everything else I’d have to say it’s the music I miss most. Having a front row seat every night for those live drops and cranked up energy levels was the best part of the Fckin Foam simulation for sure.

The Blackout Tour Mixes Vol 1-7 remain immortal (especially #1 + #5) but these beats today were teleporting me back to those heavy breaths inside my Vader mask. A gift and a curse indeed…

The new 2 hour mix above is one of the closest things I’ve heard since those Volumes dropped all those years ago. As someone that only owned movie soundtracks for CDs growing up and am also what many would call “a loser”, having these bangers already tightly woven for me is very much needed. A little bit of everything for commutes or gym sessions, pregames, blackouts, fuckfests, etc. It should get you hyped for wherever you’re headed. And that’s what living is all about right?

Speaking of L-I-V-I-N-G, seriously when is the Blackout Tour coming back for an encore tour? It’s time. And that Barstool Gold Documentary episode from Dana B really can’t come soon enough. Bah GAWD those memories.

“Who’s ready to occupy the House of Blues… Who’s ready to knockout Barstool?!?” -NASA Dev

THAT is how you intro a 3000 person rave directly after a KO Barstool rally folks, also an ALL-TIME El Pres KO speech at 4:03 too. Long live the King!

PS I am very very sorry for any 130 lbs human(s) I hurt that night, I did my best to actually fly

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