There's Never Been A More Relatable Human Being Than Number 82 In This Video

Anyone who grew up playing sports knows exactly what number 82 is going through in this video. It’s the first day back at practice and you’ve never been in worse shape in your entire life. All you’ve done since last football season ended is drink beer, smoke weed and eat pizza and doughnuts. You’ve haven’t put on pads since November and after running a single warm up lap you’re already sweatier than Bigfoot’s ballsack on a hike through the swamps in August. He is the perfect visual representation of a Monday.

The goal of this practice is not about thriving. It’s not about making a name for yourself. It’s simply about survival. Just get through the day and hopefully tomorrow is a little less painful than the day before. Number 57 is so over it he’s purposely trying to break his own collarbone to get out of this hell hole. Look at the way this maniac is doing up-downs! It’s like every time he hits the deck without shattering a bone he gets more and more pissed off and attempts to throw himself down even harder until he injures himself enough to be removed from practice. Self-inflicted injury is significantly more honorable than quitting everyone knows that.

Stay strong out there units. Go hard, stay hydrated, but live to see another day. #UnitsRespectUnits