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NSWF Or Mesh Shorts: 10 Minutes Of High Definition Javy Baez Web Gems

Even if you hate baseball. Even if you hate the Cubs. Even if you have the opportunity to do something else for the next 10 minutes I highly suggest you drop everything and watch the above video. Rarely are you presented with the opportunity to appreciate so much beauty in one condensed highlight reel.

I know I say this all the time but there’s no amount of praise that can do Javy baez justice. None. It will be 10 years from now and I’ll still be struggling for the right words to describe how I feel watching him play baseball. It’s on the same level as Devin Hester taking punts and Sammy Sosa step into the box. It’s polarizing and addicting and I’m strictly talking about watching a grown man field ground balls for fucksake. Do you know how good you have to be at fielding ground balls to wield boners like he does?

Watch the video to find out and thank God you get to witness him.

¡Viva El Mago!