Bloomberg Afraid That Sales Of Sparklers Will Lead To Terrorist Attacks

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NY Post – It could spark terrorism! Mayor Bloomberg will urge Gov. Cuomo to veto legislation that would legalize the sale of sparklers outside New York City, arguing that terrorists could resort to using even kiddie fireworks to ignite a bomb. And that’s a risk not worth taking, City Hall officials said. The mayor opposes the measure, which the Legislature passed last week, even though it wouldn’t apply to the five boroughs, where a ban on sparklers — and all other fireworks — would remain in effect. The bill would allow the sale of sparklers and other small “novelty” fireworks only in counties outside the city.  “While this bill excludes New York City, legalizing these devices everywhere else in the state would, as a practical matter, have the same effect in the five boroughs,” Joseph Garba, the mayor’s state legislative director, said in a memo. “A recent attempt to harm innocent lives provides a frightening example of how legally purchased . . . fireworks can cause dramatic harm and even kill.” Garba cited the case of failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, who bought a package of legal M-88 from out of state to help ignite his dud bomb in 2010. “Shahzad purchased fireworks at a Pennsylvania chain store, transported the fireworks to Connecticut and created a bomb-like device that he transported into New York City with the intent of killing and causing havoc in a busy tourist area,” Garba said. Under the legislation sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle (D -Rochester) and state Sen. Mike Nozzolio (R-Seneca Falls), sparklers and toy caps could be sold only from June 1 to July 5 and from Dec. 26 to Jan. 2.

Soda will kill you. Styrofoam will kill the planet. Sparklers will lead to the next 9/11. This is Mike Bloomberg’s legacy.

By this logic we should just ban lighters and matches and fire altogether. If there’s no fire, there’s no terrorism! No sodas over 16 ounces and no temperatures high enough to create fire. Gimme a fuckin break. Running around with sparklers and spelling shit in the air and inevitably grabbing the wrong end of a dead sparkler that’s too hot and burning your fingers is as American as it gets. So is buying cap guns and smokebombs from the ice cream truck. If you take that shit away from kids in New York, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re the terrorist.