Mark Sanchez's Bare Ass Having A Dance Party With All The Girls

Goddammit. Mark Sanchez has reverted back to being that loser in high school who hangs out with the girls and gets stuck in the Friend Zone. I mean don’t get me wrong I know he’s absolutely plowing that one chick but he just looks like such a chump doing it. He used to be in the Post on Page Six with people reporting models were sneaking in and out of his apartment building. Just straight booty calls with 10s. Come over, bang out, see ya later.

Now he’s got his pants around his knees jumping up and down with the girls having a dance party. Just looks so embarrassing. I guess if Sanchez was a stud I’d take one look at this video and be like “Mark Sanchez doesn’t give a fuck, he’ll helicopter his dick right in your face if you’re a smokeshow.” But knowing how much he fucking sucks now and how he has no confidence anymore, I can’t help but think he’s just desperate to bang smokes before his career is 100% over. Just pull out all the stops because he knows he’s only got like one more season in the league before he fades away. Its probably just my mind skewing it, because at the end of the day that chick is a smokebomb, but its never a good look to be the dancing monkey mooning the camera giggling with all the girls.