"Let's Dance" - The Zion Era Is Officially Underway In New Orleans

We all knew it was coming even though the Pelicans made us wait for it but the Zion Era is officially underway and so far it’s off to a great start. If the internet wasn’t already sucking Zion’s dick for what he does on the basketball court they definitely will be after that speech. Just pure, honest emotion from a guy experiencing the best moment of his life. Really really cool moment and genuine as hell. I can only imagine what is going through his head right now as the rest of his life just changed forever.

Separate from that he also dropped the new Pelicans slogan “Let’s Dance”. Zion’s already delivering for this franchise and he hasn’t even put the jersey on yet, incredible. This city needed Zion after Anthony Davis just put them through hell and given all the other work David Griffin is doing tonight this rebuild is off to a great start.