Cashman Could Not Be More Wrong

Alex Rodriguez Press Conference

I know KFC jumped in here last night because nothing interesting in Queens has happened since the Worlds Fair, but we need some real Yankee fan perspective here, and the perspective is that Cashman is in the wrong. ARod posted on social media that he was cleared to play games by his doctor, not that he was going to be in the lineup tomorrow. Shows nothing but his hustle and determination to get back on the field. Completely harmless, but the guy can’t win. The Post runs pictures of him lounging by the pool, he gets crucified for not rehabbing hard enough. He tweets out updates of his injury progress and pictures of him on the field, his GM tells him to shut the fuck up. Its that type of double standard Arod has always lived with.

Listen I love Cashman because he helped shape my childhood and give me the douchey bragging rights that all Yankee fans enjoy but things are getting away from him. A few weeks ago he is picking a fight with Kevin Long in the press and now he’s getting roped into ARod and his tweets? Get it together Brian, you need these guys to keep your fucking job. In the world of professional athletes on Twitter, what Arod said yesterday was probably the most harmless thing ever posted to social media. Out of all the things Arod has said and done in the past, Cashman jumps down his throat for saying he’s excited to play baseball again. I get that the relationship is tumultuous at this point, but calm down, Brian. The only reason this is a media story now is because of you, not Alex Rodriguez.

Did he step out of line with this message? Maybe. Does Cashman has every right to be pissed off that a guy he was willing to let walk years ago has become an unproductive problem? Of course. But at the end of the day Arod back on the field is better than the crap team we have been putting out there.