Texas Senator Chick Filibusters Abortion Bill For 11 Straight Hours

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MSN – Texas senator Wendy Davis’s attempt to filibuster an abortion bill that would severely restrict abortion access across the state was ended Tuesday night after almost 10 hours. Though the AP reported the bill ultimately passed, the attempted filibuster made a huge impression: #standwithwendy and #wendydavis were among Twitter’s top hashtags and, at its peak, a YouTube livestream of the event was watched by more than 181,000 thousand people. To prevent the bill from reaching Governor Rick Perry’s desk, Davis (D-Fort Worth) had to talk for a crazy 13 hours — without breaking to eat, drink, use the bathroom or even sit (she wore tennis shoes and a back brace to prepare). Starting at 11:18 a.m. CDT, Davis’s filibuster was suspended shortly after 10 p.m. when it was deemed that she was off-topic for talking about the Sonogram Law. Davis was not able to resume the filibuster before the special session was scheduled to end at midnight, despite a long and confusing debate about whether she had in fact violated Senate rules. Senate Bill 5 passed at 12:02am, meaning it passed AFTER the midnight deadline, rendering the bill defeated. Senator John Whitmire says, “It’s pretty conclusive that it didn’t pass,” and the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, has tweeted saying that Texas’ Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has agreed the bill is “dead.” 

I don’t think I could do anything for 11 straight hours. I can’t even sleep for 11 hours anymore. Certainly no chance I could filibuster any topic at all for half a day. They could be passing a bill that all bloggers go directly to jail and I think I’d be able to filibuster for like an hour before calling it quits. 45 minutes in I’d have to take a piss and I’d get a little hungry and I’d be like “Fuck it! Cuff me.”

This shit last night is basically why you gotta allow a few females into politics. For the occasional time you need an epic filibuster. Chicks were basically born to do this shit. Just get up there and yap until they say you can’t yap anymore. At 11am someone was like “We need to stall till midnight” and Wendy Davis was like George during the Frogger episode. “I can do this. I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.” Then she laced up some sneakers and strapped into a back brace and squawked for 11 straight hours. 50 years of complaining about work and friends finally came into use. Go for you, Wendy Davis. You’re an American hero and probably the most annoying chick of all time.

PS – Pretty sexy.

PPS – Only way I could talk about abortions for 11 hours is if I was trying to convince a chick to have one.