1 Year Anniversary Episode Of KFC Radio Tomorrow Night...Call The Hotline 646-807-8665 To Leave A Voicemail


So June 5, 2012 was the first ever Barstool podcast. Back when it was just 8 minutes long and audio only. Here we are about 55 weeks later. Almost 50 episodes under our belt. 2 new bloggers a part of the show. And hundreds upon hundreds of voicemails from the Stoolies that have made each and every one of us that much dumber.

Tomorrow night we’re gonna do a belated 1 year anniversary episode for KFC Radio. I’d love to hear from everyone who left a voicemail for the original episode. Stro, Neddybemis, Patty Portnoy, anybody who’s ever made the cut multiple times. Of course new callers are always welcome, but I’d love to hear from the people who helped get it off the ground a year ago. Call the hotline 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665). We’ll talk about the Stanley Cup, everything going on in the world of the Stool, and take all the best questions, comments, and jokes the Stoolies got this week. Call the hotline tonight or tomorrow before 2pm. Tall One will be sifting through in the afternoon so get your call in before he starts doing that.

Also tweet me questions and comments to @KFCBarstool or @KFCRadio. We’ll finish off the show with a lightning round and read your tweets out on air.