This Stamkos Snipe Is Exactly What's Different Between The Flyers And Teams Who Are Really Good


The Flyers lost to Tampa last night 3-1 after taking a 1-0 lead in the final minute of the 1st period. Which means the Flyers have not beaten the Lightning in a full calendar year. Other than that Simmonds goal on the powerplay (which has actually been doing really well lately), it was another boring boring game from the Orange & Black. There were chances here and there, and Old Saint Nick Schultz even came up big with a kick save and a beauty.


But all in all, it was a classic Flyers game where they just didn’t have someone who could step up and actually make a big time play when they really needed to. They were facing a tired Lightning team who was starting a goaltender making his NHL debut. It was a game that they could have easily taken advantage of. But the Stamkos goal above is exhibit A of why the Flyers are not a team that is even close to being for real. Was that the nicest goal you’ve ever seen? Absolutely not. But it was a snipe and a half, and a beauty of a set up from Drouin. Sure, the Flyers have G and Voracek. Both 2 of the better players in the league. But I swear every time the puck in on Drouin’s stick and every time the puck is on Stamkos’ stick, it just feels like something incredible is about to happen. Those are guys who can completely hijack a game whenever they want to. The Flyers don’t have anyone like that who can do that night after night. And that’s why they’re a shitty hockey club right now.

Also, there are a lot of rumors swirling around with the news of Taylor Hall possibly being on the trade block. The two teams that are picking up a lot of traction are the Lightning and the Islanders. The Flyers are unknowingly tanking right now. That’s fine, whatever. But if Taylor Hall ends up in either Tampa Bay or with the Isles, this tank process may have to go on for a little while longer. Drink.

Another also, last night was Peter Forsberg night at the Wells Fargo Center and this happened. I’ve never seen so much saucery in one photo before in my life.

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